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B&C House is a full licensed customs broker offering timely and accurate customs consulting and clearance services. 


We clear shipments importing and exporting from and into Canada through any ports in whole country by truck, air and ocean.

Our expertise helps clients navigate quickly and efficiently. We give them the peace of mind that, if they are subject to a government compliance audit, they will be prepared and have our support throughout the process.
As we handle customs requirements for clients, we are also very well positioned to help them with their transportation and logistics arrangements. This simplifies things for our clients. We can deliver the services that are vital to them in a way that is timely, seamless and cost-effective.
Our service includes the consultation in all aspects of Canadian laws, regulations and procedures. Please feel free to contact us on any issues that you may have. The following covers many of the areas that you may want to use our expertise.

Temporary Entries
Adjusting Entries
Refunds / Drawbacks
Import & Export Procedures
Tax Applications
Specialized Customs Programs
Duty Deferral
Bonded Warehousing