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B&C House is a full licensed customs broker offering timely and accurate customs consulting and clearance services.Read more…

B&C House clears air, ocean, and border shipments regardless of the port of entry. All of your company's imports and exports will be handled by a very experienced and dedicated brokerage operations team. We, a professionally qualified customs brokers and certified Customs specialists will lower your costs; uncover oppertunities to reduce your duties and taxes; reduce your compliance risk.
Services and Offers

7 days a week, 24 hours a day

Our service includes the consultation in all aspects of Canadian laws, regulations and procedures. The following covers many of the areas that you may want to use our expertise.

EDI customs clearance through ACCROS and CADEX

Accounting confirmation to customs

Draw back and B2 adjustment

Consulting with CBSA and OGD

New regulations update


Temporary Entries

Import & Export Procedures

Tax Applications

Specialized Customs Programs
 Duty Deferral
Bonded Warehousing


Contact us

Toronto office:

Tel: 647-388-8847

Fax: 647-342-1348

Toll Free: 1-800-901-0226 


Mississauga Warehouse Office:

5622 McAdam Road

Mississauga, ON , L4Z 1P1

Tel: 647-778-0226

Fax: 905-450-3663